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Various Sizes 18g to 23G Vacuum Blood Taking Butterfly Needle with Luer Adapter
Product details

Assembly of accessories is intended to work with vacuum bloodcollection tube for multiple bloodsamplings.the products include holder,blood collection needles,luer adapter and intra venous needles,which have good compatibilities to the accessoriesof other brands.

Advantage:The needle can be retractable by hand after use.It can reduce the risk of needlestick injuries to healthcare workers and others.


Blood collection needles:16G,18G,20G,21G,22G,23GLuer adapter:21G,22G,23G
Winged blood collection set:21G,23G,25G

1.Latex free;
2.Blood collection needle can be used for multiple takingblood samples with single puncture;
4.EO sterile;
5.Needle sizes according to customer's requests.

CodeSizeColer Code
P232523GX1"0.6×25mmDeep blue
P223822GX1 1/2"0.7x38mmBlack
P212521GX1"0.8×25mmDeep green
P213821GX1 1/2"0.8×38mmDeep green
P203820GX1 1/2"0.9x38mmYellow
P183818GX1 1/2"1.2x38mmPink
P163816GX1 1/2"1.6X38mmWhite
w211921GX3/4"0.8×19mmDeep green
w231923GX3/4"0.6×19mmDeep blue

Product Show:

Safety blood collection set 6.jpgSafety blood collection set 3.jpgSafety blood collection set 2.jpgSafety blood collection set 1.jpg

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